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All our solutions are built on a single comprehensive and modular platform: Saphir MFS

Saphir MFS is an Enterprise-grade platform designed to meet the stringent requirements of banks and telecom operators in terms of security, performance and availability. Saphir MFS' design incorporates standards and best practices from mobile telecommunications systems and payment processing systems, including PCI-DSS recommendations.

Saphir MFS allows building a wide range of services covering notably mobile banking, mobile payment, money transfer, eCommerce, and eWallets.

In addition to back-office and front-office management features that cover the customer's entire lifecycle, Saphir MFS has unique features both at the conceptual and the technological levels.

As a matter of fact, Saphir MFS' patent-pending transactional process offers unique advantages in terms of security, cost, ease of use, and range of applications.

Furthermore, the independence of Saphir MFS from telecommunications networks enables financial institutions to design their products without being forced to build strategic alliances with telecom operators.

Additionally, Saphir MFS supports different transactional models and thus gives our customers the choice to make the best compromise between security, cost, and complexity according to its regulatory, technological, and business environments

Finally, Saphir MFS optimizes user experience based on the capabilities of his or her mobile phone: USSD, SMS, Application, WAP, STK.

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