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Saphir mBank is a complete and flexible solution for designing multi-segment mobile banking services. Saphir MFS facilitates the implementation of a differentiated marketing strategy for both high-end and low-income banking.

Mobile banking is a strategic lever for banks to differentiate themselves from the competition as well as to extend banking to customers excluded from the financial system.

Saphir mBank is a solution for managing and securing mobile banking services. Saphir mBank is fully customizable and fully fits the business strategy of each customer.

Saphir mBank is capable indeed of transforming the mobile phone into a powerful lever for your strategic sales actions: acquisition for the low-income banking segment, differentiation for the conventional bank segment, or loyalty tool for the high-end customers.

Saphir mBank takes advantage of the modular and advanced architecture of Saphir MFS, and guarantees our customers:

  • Strong security based on the patent-pending Saphir mTrust technology
  • Full access to services regardless of the customer's mobile phone
  • Wide services' customization possibilites according to the targeted segment and end-user mobile phone capabilities. A wide range from simple SMS to smartphone applications.

Saphir mBank enables mobile access to banking services related to checking account, LIB account, credit card, debit card, prepaid card, etc. It also natively integrates with Saphir Purse. These features are available interactively at the customer's initiative, and also as alert messages that are fully customizable through the alert management module.

We've learned through experience has shown that Saphir mBank services are limited only by our imagination. Throughout our discussions with customers, we often discover unsuspected opportunities for services that are tailored to their context and strategy.

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