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With mobile technology, domestic as well as international money transfer services are set to expand to new dimensions. Saphir mMoney offers to explore these new opportunities.

The development of money transfer both nationally and internationally is, in the opinion of experts, an opportunity to create wealth for emerging economies as well as for their citizens and financial institutions.

Saphir mMoney is a crucial tool that strategically allows telecom operators and other customers to capture informal financial flows, and to develop official money transfer channels.

Saphir mMoney embeds management and security features for domestic and international money transfer:

  • Management of different channels:
    • Mobile to Mobile
    • Mobile to Cash
    • Cash to Mobile
    • Web to Mobile
  • Support for anti-money laundering rules (AML) and adaptation of KYC (Know-Your-Customer) rules based on each country's regulations.

Saphir mMoney leverages Saphir MFS' modular and advanced architecture to provide a complete solution for our customers' needs:

  • Strong security based on the patent-pending Saphir mTrust technology
  • Full access to services regardless of the customer's mobile phone
  • Great economic efficiency at investment and operational levels:
    • Low cost per transaction
    • Low deployment cost for the distribution channel (agents)
  • Seamless integration with mobile payment services and basic banking services thanks to Saphir mPay and Saphir mBank
  • Native integration with the Saphir's mWallet.
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