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Thanks to Saphir mPay, banks, mobile operators and other financial services operators can benefit from unprecedented freedom to design powerful Mobile Payment services that are multi-context, multi-channel, and multi-instrument.

Saphir mPay dematerializes your customers' payments!

Saphir mPay is an integrated suite of applications based on Saphir MFS. By implementing Saphir mPay, our customers can offer a full range of payment services covering all types of Citizen-to Government (C2G) and Consumer-to-Business (C2B) transactions.

Thus, customers can use the Saphir mPay platform to:

  • Top-up their mobile phone
  • Pay utilities and phone bills
  • Pay at points of sale
  • Pay administrative services: taxes, …

Moreover, Saphir mPay makes eCommerce more appealing to consumers through :

  • Secure payment on websites
  • Secure payment via call-centers

Several advantages make Saphir mPay a unique solution on the market:

  • Strong security based on the patented technologySaphir mTrust
  • High economic efficiency thanks to:
    • the low cost per transaction that can be as low as the cost of sending a single SMS.
    • the investment cost : A new merchant will use a simple mobile phone! Existing merchants may continue using their existing PoS infrastructure.
  • Ergonomics: Saphir mPay has an extremely easy-to-use interface that enables rapid end-user adoption.
  • Accessibility: Saphir MFS works on any mobile phone and makes consumer adoption costless
  • Multi-channel & multi-instrument: Saphir MFS payment solution is multi-channel and adapts to different contexts of commercial transactions:
    • Purchase in a physical point of sale
    • Teleshopping via call center, IVR, or Web
    • Teleshopping by mobile phone based on SMS, WAP or USSD
    • Bill payment
    • Ticketing

Saphir mPay integrates seamlessly with existing payment instruments: direct debit, credit or debit cards, or prepaid telecom account. It also natively integrates with Saphir m-wallet.

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