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The patented-pending Saphir mTrust technology allows implementing highly-secured mobile financial services without compromising user experience and economic efficiency.

Open, Sesame! My cell phone is secure!

Consumer trust in a key elements in the sustainability of financial services. Even if the trust is leveraged by the institution brand, it may be quickly destroyed by any failure of the institution's systems or processes.

Security is therefore a central element in any strategic direction and any technology choice for financial institutions. However, security has often imposed, quite legitimately, constraints that affect the ease of use, the accessibility and the cost of financial transactions.

The development of the mobile as a channel to access banking and financial services has not experienced the great success that was expected, even if the experts have been unanimous since the beginning of the 21st century about their commercial appeal.

Aware of the stakes at hand, the founding team of Saphir Systems has developed patent-pending mobile transactional process that meets the strict security requirements of financial transactions without compromising their commercial potential.

Saphir mTrust transactional engine intergrates also the state-of-the-art of electronic payment as PCI DSS recommandations.

With Saphir mTrust, our customers can roll out mobile financial services with unique benefits:

  • Highly secure and compliant with the most strict requirements
  • Fast transaction and easy of use
  • Available to low-income populations through use of basic mobile technlogies
  • Customizable for different contexts and for payment of different types of products
  • Low cost per transaction
  • Independent from the country's telecom infrastructure
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